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To request a DMCA takedown of content hosted on this site, please send:

  • contact information for you and the copyright owner you represent
  • the URL or URLs of the infringing content
  • a description of the reason behind your request and why the content is infringing on your rights, including details on the work being infringed upon
  • a signed statement that all information sent to us is accurate, that you are or represent legally the owner of the copyright for the work being infringed upon, and that you have a belief that the work has been used illegally without permission from the copyright owner or a legal representative, and does not fall under "fair use" law
These details should be sent to our copyright agent either through the mailing address listed above or electronically using the email address shown above. Upon receiving notification of an alleged copyright infringement, we will quickly review the notification and remove the content. Please review our Terms of Service, specifically section 7.4, for more details on our DMCA policies for users of our service.